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Comdial VOIP

Today, Comdial offers solutions that are produced under ISO-9000:2000 certified quality management systems in globally-located, state-of-the-art production facilities.

Comdial’s closed loop quality system links production, distribution, installation and maintenance to ensure that quality is managed at each step of the product life cycle.

FORWARD Telecommunication Services, Inc. is fully backed by COMDIAL who provides direct technical support and software revisions via the internet.


 It is simply Voice over the Internet and other networks using Internet Protocol (IP)
– IP, itself, is a packet delivery protocol that is independent of the information it carries.
– IP’s use is wide spread on LAN’s, WAN’s, and the world-wide web.
 In today’s use VoIP is often combined with & expanded to become a multimedia communication and
Comdial is doing that with its MP series systems
– Voice
– Video
– Instant messaging
 There are two common languages
– H.323

One of its most remarkable traits of the Comdial line-up is that it contains an embedded SIP Registrar and Proxy right on the CPU board and software, as opposed to other competitors’ approaches of using an external PC to host the SIP Registrar/Proxy functions.

Comdial’s approach of embedding the SIP Registrar and Proxy right on the CPU saves you the additional hardware expense and the added worry of a computer failing during an important call.

The SIP Registrar

Simply said, a SIP Registrar is responsible for registering all the SIP telephones in a SIP system.

The act of registration allows a SIP telephone to log on to the system, hence providing to the system the end-user’s credentials (user name or extension, and password), as well as the IP addresses or SIP addresses where the end-user can be contacted.

Registration is essential in a SIP system as it allows a SIP server such as MP5000 to be able to route calls to wherever an end-user happens to be logged on.
In other words, registration can be thought of “hot desking” that’s natively built into the SIP protocol.

One of the great strengths of SIP is that it promotes end-user’s mobility. Indeed, end-users are not restricted to where they can register, or logon, from: it might be from the office, home, a temporary location such as a colleague’s office, or any combination of the above.

Thanks to the registration, your Comdial system knows where the end-user has logged on from, and routes calls to these locations either concurrently or sequentially depending on the end-user’s settings.

One step further from registration, it is typical in SIP systems that the SIP Registrar also act as a Presence Manager, and as such Comdial platform is a combined Registrar and Presence Manager.

Using traditional telephony terminology, a Presence Manager allows end-users to have Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) on their telephones (hard or soft). However, above and beyond the BLFs, SIP presence management allows the exchange of much richer presence information between subscribers.

SIP protocol does not restrict what presence information may be exchanged; it may be as simple as on- or off-hook a la BLF, or as sophisticated as statuses such as “Gone to lunch”, “Be right back”, etc. Comdial fully supports presence management, not only between SIP stations, but also between SIP and digital stations.

The SIP Proxy and Features Server

A SIP Proxy is responsible for call setup, routing, control, and tear down. The SIP Proxy is the basic SIP call processing engine in a SIP system.
A SIP Proxy may route calls based on various sources of information: registration records, static routing tables, etc.

One of the great strengths of SIP is that call routing is not limited to any particular network topology. Based on the unique requirements of a given installation, the administrator architects the number of SIP Proxies needed, the dialing plan, and the corresponding routing tables.

Designing a SIP network is not unlike designing a LAN/WAN with its IP address spaces and corresponding routers.
Comdial supports such network flexibility.

MP5000 is a combined SIP Proxy and Features Server. The SIP aficionados should note that the Comdial solution is a state-full SIP server.


 Enhance administration
– Systems maintenance and administration can be done remotely on a network-wide basis from a single
– Individual call centers can be set up and agents onsite or offsite can be located anywhere on the network
 Reduce present and/or future operating costs by providing a network able multi-media platform
– Eliminates offsite calls when networked to other locations & mobile management/staff members
– Allows for Network “ARS” of outgoing calls Consolidates infrastructure but at the end-user’s pace.
 Telecommuting & network-wide functionality
– Virtual extensions and/or “hoteling” can be setup to reduce floor space and equipment needs as well as assign calls to individuals such as the supervisors versus phone set assignments.
 Access to messages, announcements and any information can be retrieved from a variety of phones &
devices using a mixture of means.
 Hot Desking
– Move through out a facility to any “similar technology” softkey phone and keep individual user profile
– With SIP phones move to any SIP jack on network and keep individual user profile.
 400,000 systems and 4,000,000 telephone sets nationwide
 In House engineering and R&D
Comdial was the last major American telecom manufacturer to go offshore and one of the first to come back
to the US. One third of all Comdial’s products are now manufactured or assembled in the US.
 In House Test Facilities – Comdial owns the functional and in-circuit test equipment its contract manufacturers
use. All of Comdial’s contract manufacturing partners are ISO 9000 certified
 Converged PBX w/both TDM & IP
 FX II’s CPU-2 has enabled IP functions while the new MP5000 system’s SIP server functions will be
peer to peer and embedded on the CPU (5 9’s reliability)
 Up to 480 ports (560 with max T-1) per system
 Network up to 15 systems
 Rack mount system
 T-1, PRI, DID, Loop start
 IP Gateway card (12 & 24 channel)
 SIP smart phones and SIP soft phones
 iPrimo H.323 IP phones with full TDM feature emulation
 T-1 and IP networking




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