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Corporate Office VM – how do I change someone’s password?

At Main Banner Screen press F10 – system will beep –  input password – PW = (enter your administrator password)

Press Enter

At Main Screen – Main Menu – top

1) Display line Status

2) Box Information

3) System Information

4) Exist this program

Use the arrow key to go to Box information

Press Enter

Menu =

1) Mail Box

2) Question Box

Enter Mail Box –

And Input Box # –

Press Enter – this should jump to the Mail box information screen –

on the right hand screen below the last name line – PW will be shown here –

Record PW or enter new PS –

F10 takes you back to Main mail Box menu –

Exits and saves changes

F10 goes to Main Menu –

Go to Display line status –

Press Enter – takes you out of system programming –

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