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How do I program a Voicemail shortcut key on my DX80 or DX120 phone?

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To program a Shortcut key for accessing your Voicemail:

  • With phone idle and on hook 
  • Press FEATURE key 
  • Press # 
  • Press 3 
  • Press the desired Button you wish to program, 
  • On the LCD display you will see what is already programmed for that position, 
  • Choose the 3rd button under the LCD Display for chg (Change) 
  • Choose the 2nd button under the LCD Display for feat (Feature) 
  • Press the chosen button you wish to program for the VM shortcut key. 
  • Press the FEATURE key 
  • Press 6 
  • Press 4 
  • Press the button under the LCD for SAVE 
  • Lift Handset and hang up to exit programming 
  • Test the new VM Shortcut key by depressing the key. If your voicemail box is already set up you should hear, “Please enter your password” to get access to your voicemail 
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