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How do I Reset a Voicemail Box for a new user?

When a new user acquires ownership of an existing mailbox (extension) it would be a time saving procedure to do the following Prior to having him/her record their greeting and name.

— Have the new user log into his or her existing mailbox (e.g.. 7651) using the current password

— Press 3 (For OPTIONS MENU)

— and then press 9 to Reactivate the tutorial.

— Have the new user hang up

— Then have new user log into his / her mailbox again

Make sure that you add whatever procedures you need to so that the Passwords are changed or not changed during the tutorial setup. (some customers use their extension / voicemail box number as the password also – others’ like the security of alternate passwords for each user or by department)

By reactivating the tutorial he/she will be led through the entire set up of the VoiceMail Box as well as be able to enter the first three letters (corresponding # keys) of their last name (or first name if that’s the way your system is set up).

Once the new user completes the tutorial and has set up his/her VoiceMail, Greeting and Directory listing, he/she will have the option to turn off the tutorial so that it is not the first thing he/she hears when accessing the VM box on the next entrance.

Incorporating the reset Voicemail box for new user into your current procedures:

If the procedure of Reactivating the Tutorial is incorporated into the orientation procedures you already have in place, it will save the managers a lot of time (and the aggravation that accompanies not having the new user be in the system directory) without going through a support or service call to have the parameters of the system changed.

By accessing the system’s supervisors access remotely and changing the system parameters will require a reset of the system for changes to take effect. When you do the changes directly through the tutorial there should be no need to do a reset.

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