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How do I stop the voicemail light from blinking on my phone without a mailbox?

Download: How do I stop the voicemail light from blinking on my phone without a mailbox?

We deleted a Mailbox and the extension’s Message Waiting Indicator Light is still blinking. How do I get the phone to stop Blinking?

If you delete a mailbox, while there are messages in the box, the phone’s Voicemail Notification lamp will continue to blink as if there are new messages, and since there is no more mailbox associated with that extension you cannot go in to retrieve or delete any messages that causes the lamp the blink.

Solution: Rebuild the mailbox from the Supervisor’s options in the Main Mailbox of the system, as if you were building a brand new mailbox. Once the new mailbox is rebuilt and name / greeting is recorded and password is set to default, go back into the Voicemail system and leave a short message in the new mailbox.

Next, you will need to go into the Mailbox, using the default password, and retrieve New Messages. When you hear the message you just left in the box, press 4 to DELETE. After confirmation is heard that the message was deleted, hang up. Within a minute or so they phone should reset and the Message Waiting Indicator Light should not be blinking any more.

Now you can go back into the Voicemail Supervisor Options and delete the Mailbox.

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