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Maintenance Plans


Secondary only to your personnel, the most important components of your business are your equipment, your fleet services and your communications and computer systems.

  • Would you go without insurance for your business?
  • Would you go without a contingency plan for key personnel?
  • A glitch in your communication system could be catastrophic!

Having a contingency plan for your communications services and equipment is critically important in today’s business structure.

FORWARD Telecommunication Services, has a solution for you: Extended Maintenance Packages; an Insurance Plan that fully covers you, and gets you back in business. We’d like to introduce you to the Benefits of having an Extended Maintenance Contract for your communications systems.

A best choice for new systems – Pay a reduced price and continue warranty work seamlessly through the term of the extended contract, when prepaid at the time of installation of your new system. Starts on the date of purchase and extends up to 2 to 5 years. These plans include remote tech support, unlimited training for new personnel and provides for onsite priority repair or replacement, with loaner systems until components are repaired by factory authorized center or replaced by manufacturer.

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A necessary choice for Legacy Systems – No End of Life or End of Support Announcements – While many vendors will encourage you to upgrade your Legacy System (a communications system that falls two or more versions behind the latest releases), FORWARD understands that a properly maintained Legacy System can last years. When your phone system is working just fine – you don’t need unnecessary upgrades and we guarantee that we will provide full maintenance and support on your Legacy System for the life of our agreement. Though Manufacturers may announce end of life of their equipment or support, due to our long established relationships in the industry, we will provide service and repair on equipment that may no longer be offered on the open market. The long and short of it: FORWARD will not announce end of life or end of support and will NOT pressure you to upgrade.

Priority Status – All contracted customers receive priority status for parts and services over non-contracted customers. In addition, all service under a contract has a guaranteed response time. Your system will always have guaranteed immediate support. An emergency situation will have your call for support answered / returned within 1-4 hours and remote support will begin immediately. If a site visit is required a tech will be dispatched within 4 hours of the answered call.

Guarantee – Our guarantee to our contracted extended maintenance customers, is that if we cannot respond during normal service circumstances, within the time indicated in the contract, we will waive one month’s charge for maintenance.

Discounted Services – Contracted customers receive discounted rates for other services and equipment not covered under a maintenance contract such as moves, additions and changes of new and existing equipment.

Free Parts Replacement – Periodically covered parts will need to be replaced during normal use. FORWARD will replace and install it as part of your coverage.

Complete System Documentation – FORWARD provides our extended maintenance customers with User/System and Administration guides, as well as personalized and detailed instructions for personnel who need to make changes to programming or auto-attendant/voicemail system periodically.

Technical Expertise on Legacy Systems – A manufacturer-certified Senior Technician is just a phone call away 24/7. FORWARD’s Tier 2 and 3 tech support personnel are available to you to provide the support you need for remote administration, answer questions regarding your day to day administration of your systems, or get you routed to the proper professional to assist you.

System Backups – FORWARD maintains an offsite backup of your system’s programming for disaster recovery purposes. For most systems, optional system management software can be installed on site, for self-management of programming and backups.

Onsite Checkups – Throughout the year, our technical staff will periodically visit your premises to perform preventative maintenance, clean and test equipment to keep your legacy systems in peak performance.

Offsite Maintenance and Changes – Many Legacy systems’ base programming can be remotely accessed to make changes, as needed. Systems can also be maintained through secure IP connections to troubleshoot or apply program changes as needed. Offsite Maintenance can eliminate delay waiting for an onsite Senior Technician’s intervention.

Complete Parts and Labor Warranty – FORWARD will immediately replace any failed component under coverage. We guarantee that your covered critical components will be kept in stock locally at all times. As an option, we can also stock critical spares on your site. When a problem cannot be repaired remotely, a technician will be dispatched to your site.

Single Point of Contact – Whether your service issue is an equipment or the serving Telco company’s problem, FORWARD provides you with a toll free number as your single point of contact. All personnel are kept informed of your services and equipment to offer timely assistance to rectify a service issue. If the problem is a carrier service issue, FORWARD will liaison on your behalf with the service provider and keep you informed on the progress until the problem is resolved. In the rare cases when cellular services are disrupted in conjunction with landline services, FORWARD is reachable by Satellite phone. Part of our service is to also work with your other vendors from time to time in order to provide a rapid response to your communications systems’ repair. If you do not have a dedicated vendor for other business needs, FORWARD’s long history in the Chicago area, provides your organization with a wide array of trusted professionals.

On Line and Onsite User/Admin guides and FAQ’s – All of FORWARD’s customers enjoy the convenience of getting questions answered quickly on our website. In addition our Maintenance customers will have immediate digital access to user guides, administrator guides, FAQ’s, and updated personalized system and user information provided on computer discs for easy distribution to your staff via your LAN or other digital distribution methods.

TechSupport – Although FORWARD will require the primary customer contact to designate authorized personnel who can order billable services and to whom critical or priority information can be given, our staff will work with any of your personnel who require remote tech support or assistance in troubleshooting or have basic questions about the use of features or capabilities of their station equipment and services. This avoids delays by resolving basic issues, and frees up management to perform other duties.

Emergency Service 24/7 – FORWARD keeps a significant inventory of spare parts for all maintenance covered systems so that your downtime is reduced appreciably. On Call personnel will attempt to assist remotely and or contact the Telco Serving Company to report issues and test services. If a technician is required on site, reliable dispatch will be made. Current technology and some Legacy systems have the ability to notify offsite monitoring personnel of alarm status. If this is available on your system, FORWAD will enable the capability to notify our staff of alarm mode, and proactively begin troubleshooting.

FULL COVERAGE means no cost, no co-payments, and no deductibles – No cost on-going training for new staff or appointed personnel as needed. No Onsite technical charges for covered equipment and services No cost replacements for covered equipment failures. No cost remote tech support and remote administration of system programming. No deductibles, no hidden charges, no out of pocket costs.

A carte du jour selection of Maintenance Services – A Variety of Services that best fit your organization’s needs and budget are available. FORWARD works with your organization to identify and define the coverage that fits your needs and budget. We start with a comprehensive equipment audit to identify equipment requiring repair or replacement, and set up a system and station inventory. We will perform an environmental, ground and electrical audit to identify potential faults. The initial system analysis includes a critical spares evaluation to determine which critical components should be stored on site in case of a problem so that replacement of a failed part can happen in minutes instead of hours. At this time we will discuss with you and identify your organization’s primary needs for coverage.

  • Telco Network Services Management – Let FORWARD act as your liaison with your Telco Network Provider. Our services include contacting the Telco Network Provider to order requested changes, troubleshoot and request repair services for your network services. When you don’t have time to sit on hold with your service provider make one phone call and let us handle your service issues. FORWARD has escalation procedures to make sure your service requirements are fixed in a timely manner. The Network Services Package also covers authorizing FORWARD to make internet based changes to your account, services and features on your behalf. You will be updated on progress and resolution of the changes or service issues throughout the process.
  • Wire / Cable Maintenance – Coverage covers repair labor and replacement material for all cable, wire, jacks, blocks, cords and patch panels.
  • Main System Components only – The package for organizations that need the main system coverage but do not want ancillary products, such as phone sets, covered. If you lose a phone, temporarily replacing it with another will keep you in business until the set is repaired. However if your system goes down, you are out of business. Survivability and Disaster Recovery coverage is a smart choice for the conscientious but restricted budget. Some of the essential telephone and auto attendant system components covered are the CSU, Line Cards, PRI Cards, Digital and Analog Station Cards, Motherboard, Power Supply, Hard Drives, on the main and expansion cabinets.
  • Full System components, Stations and Ancillary equipment – The full system coverage is for those businesses that need coverage on all phones, end points, main system components and ancillary equipment, such as music on hold equipment, paging and audio/speaker systems, security cameras and door locks and other systems that connect through the phone system.

Flexible Maintenance Packages

FORWARD offers a variety of packages built to suit your needs and budget. Additionally if your system configurations change during the year, your coverage can change with them. Adding new FORWARD provided warranted components will not impact your currently covered maintenance costs

  • STANDARD Maintenance Packages- M-F 8×5 – All of our Maintenance Packages offer coverage under Standard Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) 8 am to 5 pm for remote and on-site technical support.
  • ENHANCED – Total Maintenance Package coverage – includes 24/7 coverage of your network services, system components, and stations and wire, if selected. Critical System and station / endpoint spares will be maintained in our stock and as an option can be stored on your site for quick replacement as needed. For survivability, System backups will be provided and be kept off site. Ongoing training is included at no cost and optional technical training is available. Customized system, station and service documentation is maintained and provided for all of your sites.
  • PREMIUM – Carte Blanche Maintenance Package coverage – includes 24/7 coverage on all Systems, switches, station phones/endpoints, Voicemail, peripheral equipment, cable, cords, jacks, patch panels, CTI equipment, and Telco Network Service provider liaison service. Onsite spares of major phone types will kept on site for quick repair and this type of package would also include a technician on site to perform minor moves, adds, and changes at no additional cost. This package is for the company or organization which has a strict budget from which it needs to adhere with the benefit of no extra billings for the year for those small changes needed when personnel or changes occur.


PRIORITY ONE (1) – Calls are to be responded to within 2 hours of receipt (EMERGENCY)

  • 50% or more of all telephone lines and or sets out of service, Operator Console Failure, T-1 Failure, Service affecting condition which impairs customer support capability

PRIORITY TWO (2) – Calls are to be responded to within 24 working hours of receipt

  • All Service affecting reports not within priority one criteria

PRIORITY THREE (3) – Calls are to be responded to and or processed within 48 working hours of receipt

  • Other Service Issues not including MAC work, Repair of equipment, Internet Based Change requests

PRIORITY FOUR (4) – Calls are typically handled within 3 – 4 business days.

  • Moves, Adds, Changes

All Service required through the Network Service Provider is scheduled through the Telco Network Service Providers’ implementation or repair response schedules. FORWARD Telecommunication Services may, from time to time, request an escalation of service schedules and will relay scheduled due dates to the customer, but cannot guarantee the response or installation due dates and times of the Network Service Provider.

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