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Entry-Level Voice Mail Solution 

Effectively managing customer inquiries is critical to the success of small businesses. Like big-company voice processing systems, Debut provides advanced capabilities such as Automated Attendant, Automatic Call Distribution and Fax support. It is a self-contained, affordable, entry-level system that supports either 25 or 50 individual voice mailboxes.
Rich Feature Set 
Beyond standard personal mailboxes, call screening and call routing functions, Debut offers many features that allow a small business to customize the way customer calls are handled. Automated Attendant serves as a 24-hour receptionist answering all incoming calls. Flexible call routing features quickly direct calls to the person best suited to meet the caller’s needs. Fax Tone recognizes incoming fax calls and routes them to the appropriate fax machines without the need for additional fax lines. Flexible voice mailbox features allow individuals to manage calls based on their work schedule, so that extensions can be set to redirect calls or play custom greetings.
Affordable, Standalone Architecture
Debut supports either 25 or 50 mailboxes, depending on the selected configuration. As such it is a very cost-effective solution. Should a company outgrow the system’s capacity, Comdial offers larger-sized Key Voice-branded voice processing systems.
Easy Setup, Administration and Training
Debut is designed specifically to address the voice processing requirements of small businesses. Clear, concise menus lead system supervisors through each function they want to deploy. Routine modifications like adding new employees, changing corporate greetings and altering box configurations can be easily completed over the phone or via intuitive set of computer screens. Simple tutorials walk new employees through setting up their name, password and greetings without the need for special training.

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